K Allado McDowell

In the age of AI, creativity is pressed beneath the immovable weight of the great bell curve, by the endless streams that train both humans and machines. After each break into novelty, the human-AI image world is overrun by the average, the mid, by statistical goo. Constrained within an endless feed whose peak is everywhere and whose long tail is nowhere, art chomps down on its own appendage, seeking release and spinning faster. Every exit leads back to an entrance. How to break the machine? How to crack the egg? Media are neural now: they watch, they speak back. They camouflage themselves in our minds. We become paranoid after them, finding patterns, defining noise. But let us not be drowned. Let us make our own voice. Let us plot escape vectors, shatter the present, dance alone in far corners of high-dimensional space.

K ALLADO-MCDOWELL is a writer, speaker, and musician. They are the author, with GPT-3, of the book Pharmako-AI, and are co-editor, with Ben Vickers, of The Atlas of Anomalous AI. They record and release music under the name Qenric. Allado-McDowell established the Artists + Machine Intelligence program at Google AI.  They are a conference speaker, educator and consultant to think-tanks and institutions seeking to align their work with deeper traditions of human understanding.